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Karen M. Buckley
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Newton, MA 02460

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Real Estate Law

Throughout the process of buying and selling real estate, strong representation is essential. Attorney Karen Buckley has the expertise and experience to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly and that you are protected. She will:

· Communicate with the realtor prior to the offer of purchase
· Prepare and review the offer of purchase
· Draft and/or review the purchase and sale agreement
· Assist with the mortgage application process
· Gather necessary documents required at closing
· Prepare the deed
· Review the title report for any issues and resolving them
· Review inspection report and use it to negotiate
· Represent the client at the closing

Buying real estate is a major investment — you want to be sure your interests are protected. The intent is to get everything settled before the closing, so there are no surprises.

Karen Buckley also prepares and reviews leases on commercial or residential property. Generally these are prepared by the landlord, so it's imperative to have someone representing your interests review any lease before it is executed.

For competence and compassion, contact Attorney Karen Buckley.

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