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Civil Litigation

When two parties cannot resolve a dispute between them, civil litigation may be the best option. This allows all parties to be represented legally and for a fair and equitable resolution to be found. Karen Buckley will employ her wide knowledge of the law and her negotiating skills on your behalf, ensuring that your best interests are represented.

Contract Disputes
Contract disputes arise when two individuals or businesses have a dispute relating to a contract, either oral or written. Some contracts will contain terms that call for mediation or arbitration.

Landlord / Tenant
Karen represents both landlords or tenants in lease or possession disputes, including warranty of habitability, eviction, deposit claims, damage claims, or quiet enjoyment.

Contractor / Homeowner Claims
Karen represents contractors when homeowners have not made payment, or property owners when contractors have provided faulty or incomplete work.

Disputes between Businesses
These disputes might be regarding leases, contracts, collection of accounts receivables, or defense against collection.

Debt Collection Disputes
Karen works with either creditors or debtors, in debt collection or defense against debt collection.

It is critical in these disputes that your interests are protected. Attorney Karen Buckley will negotiate the court process and the drafting of any agreements. She will represent your interests objectively and use her experience and knowledge to offer you the best advice.

For competence and compassion, contact Attorney Karen Buckley.

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