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Debt Issues and Bankruptcy

Attorney Karen M. Buckley provides many services that can ease the situation when debts have gotten out of hand.

Chapter 7
Filing Chapter 7 involves a liquidation of property, and applies when the client doesn't have disposable income or assets they need to protect, or is unable to finance a Chapter 13 plan to retain assets.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 involves devising a consumer payback plan, which is for a five year period or until the amount is paid back. A schedule of income and expenses is required, together with other financial documents, to determine the client's disposable income and assets.

Debtor Counseling
Sometimes clients don't need to go as far as filing bankruptcy. Karen will work with a debtor to avoid this step if possible by negotiating with the creditor

Creditor Representation
Karen also represents creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Karen will assist in filing a proof of claim, monitoring the bank case as it is proceeding, and if necessary, object to the dischargablity of a debt.

The Bankruptcy Process
The steps in the process can be complicated, but Karen Buckley will be with you all along the way. From the first meeting in her office through the close of the meeting of creditors, Karen will guide and advise the client through the bankruptcy process.

Note: Attorney Karen Buckley does not provide services for businesses going into Chapter 11, but can provide professionals referrals if requested.

For competence and compassion, contact Attorney Karen Buckley.

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